Trying to get an item to be craftable only in giga inventory

So im kinda new to the modding scene, and recently ive been trying to get an item to appear in the giga inventory to be crafted there. Ive currently got it set as “crafting requires inventory component” to “dinotamedinventorycomponent_gigant”
But i cant see it in any tamed gigas i try it on. Any help would be appreciated and if you need more information just ask

Well, do you have the inventory set inside of the modded giga?

If not,

open you character_bp, type “inventory” in the search bar of your dino. (ex. Screenshot - 1025739151b8f21c70b63c7d9ecdb2f8 - Gyazo )

click the magnifying glass next to it, copy that file into your mod directory.

After copying it, open the file then type “default”, add your items you want to be craftable under “default inventory items”. Make sure you add spots for the items under “Default engrams” as well. Set the value to “1” on the engrams. (ex. Screenshot - 51add7f586d4cd74eceaf338474daddc - Gyazo )

reopen your character_bp and search “inventory” again; then reference your new inventory there. Strict compile & save.

(PS. if you only want the item to be a blueprint, tick “Force inventory blueprints”