Trying to get AI to be considered the same as (Get) Player Controller

I have one character that is the player, and an additional three copies of him that the player can switch to when they press 1,2,3, or 4. That works fine. They are the default character blueprint in the SideScroller example.
I also have an AI character that is the same as the default SideScroller one (the one I use for the player) except he doesn’t have a camera attached to him and you can’t switch to him.

So, I have this object that when the player collides into it, he will be teleported to somehwere else. That works. I want that to work with the AI character as well, but that doesn’t work. None of the nodes fire off, as if there were no collision, but the AI does touch the trigger…so something is wrong. I can’t figure out how to get the Get AIController to work exactly like the Get Player Controller.

I tried many things by moving wires around and such (I’ve new to UE, it’s only been a few days so I don’t know what some of the nodes do/mean) and this is what I got:

None work.

player controllers and AI controllers don’t overlap things, pawns or characters are the actors that collide with the world.

EventActorBeginOverlap, OtherActor::CastToPawn, SetActorLocation.

I don’t know if I am implementing what you said the right way, but the AI still won’t teleport and no nodes are firing.

None work.

AI doesn’t teleport, and neither do player controllers. they are ghosts that don’t care about location. Pawns and Characters are the physical representations of the player, so it is the Pawn that needs to teleport, not the controller.

EventActorBeginOverlap, OtherActor::CastToPawn, Pawn::SetActorLocation.

Thank you for replying back but it’s still not working so now I’m thinking it’s something to do with the trigger of the object…I don’t know really. Let me show you everything.

I did what you said, and this code is all in the shiny glowing block on the right (from the startercontent but I added a blueprint class with a trigger to it):

This is the AI, I changed his Collision in the details but that shouldn’t affect this blueprint (and I messed with those settings anyways to see if they would fix the problem but they didn’t):

This is the targetpoint code in the level blueprint and you can see in the other picture that the targetpoint is inside the trigger for the glowing object that I call RightFloor1BP (maybe the problem is something to do with setting the AI controller stuff in here?):

Lastly, this is what it looks like when I run the game, the AI moves from his spot to the glowing block but he doesn’t teleport like the Player does, and he seems to stop suddenly as if he ran into a wall, but he didn’t yet hit the block but he did collide with the box trigger of it. (Ignore the guy facing left, that is the Player):

do it exactly like this:

no changes are necessary.

don’t use some other event with _Copy in its name, use EventActorBeginOverlap. your copied event will never be called, because it is just some custom event, its not an OverlapEvent recognized by the engine.

dont cast to some specific type of character that you confusingly named AI, cast to Pawn, so it works for all player avatars.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, I know I am pretty incompetent right now but I’m learning! That worked perfectly except that I had to check AI’s collision details in mesh for generate overlap events, as well. Thanks again :slight_smile: