Trying to get a character's head to follow me as I move around

I’ve been trying for about 3 days to get a rigged model’s head (and not the body) to follow me when I walk around. I’m trying to do this by manipulating the bone inside the model’s head in it’s animation blueprint. Here is what I have:
These are the errors i’m getting:
I think maybe I’m using the wrong node to get a reference to the character I’m controlling, but I can’t find one that works. I’m using the default first person character that comes in the template (the one that’s just 2 arms and a gun with a camera attached) for now.
Any help at all would be very appreciated!

Just wanted to give an update and a solution in case anybody else has this problem in the future. Everything works as I want except the heads do not track roll for whatever reason.

What options do you have on Rotation under the Transform bone node? Mine is only following with roll for some reason…

Edit: My origin on the bone was incorrect. Anyway, there’s a “look at” node now which you can use.
Edit 2: I was using Mixamo. See here for more info