Trying to figure out how to get Indom Cloak working with multi Color support

Hey folks,

First post here so forgive me if i screw up the format.

I’m a co-author on The JW indom mod and since 20 years ago i once learned how to save a variable to a txt file in DOS using Qbasic I have been designated as the Mod Chief Debugger using the dev kit. /head desk

The issue is as follows. The cloak works fine, press q and poof indom skin is replaced with the camo mesh, release q and the indom reappears, however it comes back as the bone stock default color, regardless of what color it was when it spawned.

Now the engine needs to be saving which color it is choosing as a variable somewhere. otherwise when you leave render distance and come back your dinos would keep swapping colors on their own(i think???). I have a pretty good guess which variable i need to change, i just have no idea what variable to change it to. I don’t know the name of the engine side variable that dictates a specific dinos picked color. I can find the table it chooses from, just not the name of the output once it has chosen.

of course, given my almost complete lack of education ( i refuse to call hitting my keyboard in frustration education) in regards to object oriented style programming i could in fact be barking up the wrong tree here too.

any help sorting this issue out would be greatly appreciated.


“ForLoop” it to get the current colors for each index and have it set them to a variable when the camo is triggered then reset to those colors using the “Set Vector Parameter” node when camo is turned off.
This is an older graph of mine so it’s not the most “optimized” but you should get the idea.

This will only work for colors, not designs. IE: If you paint your dino purple, this code will make it purple again when coming out of cloak. If you paint a circle around it’s eye for example, I honestly don’t know if this will get that too.