Trying to figure out Click to Move Movement!

I have been slowly learning and getting into Unreal Engine 4 and for that reason I am trying to understand how I am able to achieve click to move movement. Right now I have a little thing set up but it does not rotate the character so if you have a better way to move them or a solution to my problem I would greatly appreciate it! Here is my current movement system.

Have you tried picking apart the top down project template? I has this functionality.

clevah, I didn’t want to start with the top down project due to it feeling almost cheaty? and also cause it didn’t seem to work very well with my pc for some reason.

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I have been picking apart the top down project, and I cant seem to figure out what the problem is? The only things that seem to maybe make a difference is that the top down project isn’t spawning in the character with the network player start.

well also it seems like maybe it isn’t really finding the mouse position either, but I cant figure out why.

Edit: fixed this problem that didnt fix the not rotating

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FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT, I feel very dumb but very proud of myself for being able to comb through and learn on my own. Basically there is a setting orient rotation to movement that I needed to activate but I didn’t understand that I had believed it was simply the yaw.

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There are some gotchas with pre-built characters. Well done :slight_smile: