Trying to figure out Basic Attack Range

So I’m trying to figure out how to do a basic attack range, that meaning when I click on a target it moves towards them if out of range, if in range it would attack (I’m using print screen as a test). I was told using horizontal distance to would be the correct way to do it and thats what I set up there.
would it look like this

Probably best to do a line trace and find the distance. Then do a branch and execute your logic if the distance is >= your preferred value. You’ll need some trial and error on this value I’m sure of it…

You can also add a collision on the actor in question and if they are inside the collision you can OnComponentBeginOverlap cast to your actor and set another boolean such as IsInRange? To true and execute your attack logic off a branch and make sure to also cast to your actor OnComponentEndOverlap and set that variable to false to keep it from executing outside of that range.

I realized I don’t have an actual target and did that but I also realized it will be different when I actually have Multiplayer so I’m focusing on that. I just wasn’t able to delete the thread, but also you make a good point that I didn’t think about before and will keep in mind!