trying to extract audio from uax file from an old video game made with unreal engine

i’d like to extract an audio file from an old uax file. i found on the internet that I was suposed to use “UnrealEd” to extract audio from an uax file but it doesn’t work with my file (link to my file bellow).
i tried to use other soft like dragon unpacker 5,awave studio or openMPT but nothing worked. i thought that my file was corrupted and that was the reason why i was abble to open uax file from other sources but not the one i want. but when i star the game where i found my uax file the sounds that are in the file are played without any problem.

Could someone Help me to find a way to get this audio files trapped in the uax?

(I am not a current english speaker, I apologize for my English which is surely not perfect but I am at your disposal to clarify my problem if something of my message is not clear)

thanks a lot for your answer

no idea how to solve my problem? :frowning: