Trying to edit Tek Rifle with Blender and getting issues.

So I am trying to make minor changes to the model in Blender so I can make a custom weapon mod.

For starters I am just trying to export the Tek Rifle FPV from the ADK and then import into blender. I leave everything as is and export it back to and FBX and import it and set the skeleton to Tek Rifle FPV so it will inherit the same animations, but I am running into some issues. The Rifle looks fine untill I run any animation in the Animation Viewer. The rifle is pointing upward and the texture on the scope area of the model is completely messed up. The biggest problem I can’t seem to solve is that the scope lens and front plate are rotated incorrectly. I am not sure what is happening as I have yet to make any modifications to the model or the bones.

(Its not letting me upload pics so here are the links)

Thanks in advance!

I was able to fix the issue with the gun that made the lens all weird by deselecting auto bone rotation in blender import. Now I have another issue with the armature. The bones in the arms are completely stretched out and wrong in the adk test map, but in the animation editor if I highlight the bones they all look to be in the same place an rotation that the Tek rifle FPV is. It has somthing to do with the rotational differences between blender and Unreal, but it seems if I fix the arms then the gun is broken and visa versa. I was able to get the model and arms to import correctly into unreal when I exported it from 3DS MAX, but then I have some UV issues that I am not sure how to fix as I am not really well versed in 3DS MAX.

Not entirely sure what I did, but i seemed to have gotten it to work.