Trying to do an explosive bullet

Hey everyone

I am trying to make an explosive bullet, I have been looking at many tutorials but they seem a little outdated and do not work entirely.

Right now what I have is a bullet that generates a radial force (which interacts with DMs very well) but I do not get the destroy sphere, spawn emitter, sound emitter, destroy actor.

All of these seem to not trigger for some reason.

Please halp :')

Here is what I have so far!

Clearer screenshots

Dude, I can’t read your graph, please take a more clear screenshot.

Please post 1:1 view screen if you need help.

Try adding a trigger to it and grabbing “Event Begin Overlap” or even “Event Hit(Of the Trigger)” to activated ir

I have edited it.

I just edited it sorry.

not quite sure what you are referring to. I am kind of new to unreal at the moment.

Nice. I had project with explosive projectiles, but I removed it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trying it now, emiter is spawned as expected, but I see some problems with radial force/impulse. It is added to hit actor, but not in radius, I will check it later, maybe others can reply too.

I’m not sure this is best way. I had explosive bullet created before, but I not remember how it was done. Anyway, here is working “solution”, different approach. You need parent class for all physic actors, in my case this is not problem, because I have all actors with parents somewhere. Then:

You need to change Radius and Strength, because it depending on your actors size/weight.
It adding impulse to hit physic actors only and creating radial impulse around to all actors of given class. Then spawning emitter (you can add sound), finally destroying projectile. This is changed projectile bp from 1st person example project.

Some start. I don’t know why RadialForce component (impulse) not working, and I can’t check it now, but effect is same I think.

thanks for the attention, but the radial force impulse IS working, the emitter, the sound, and the destroy actor are not.

I will try it out later tho! thanks again.

In this sample emiter working. Use Explosion from engine samples. With sound will be no problem too. Just spawn it at impact location.

I tried this, but it only got the bullet to explode when it impacted with an other bullet, it didn’t apply force to my DMs and it didn’t explode on other surfaces

This posted blueprint is my working sample. It exploding on any surface - physic, static, terrain. I not tried pawns, but should be too - is checked. It apply force only to all actors of class. You have to add parent actor for all actors you need add force. It will be handy anyway on later stages. You can also modify it to all actors with tag, what need smaller change in your code. As before - this is changed FirstPersonProjectile from fps sample project, so better try it first in this project, your projectile can have changes, that I do not know

If I understand you correctly, you are saying that I should do it from the first person projectile of the base project, but this is already what I did and I copied your exact blueprint but it doesn’t seem to apply force / explode on anything but itself.

Do you have “get all actors of class”?

not quite sure what you mean. Is it a node or a setting?