Trying to do a Simple thing with Blueprints (Replacing Character)

Hi i’m new here and a begginer to Unreal

i’v been trying to do this thing for hours but i failed

Simply , I want the third person character im playing with to change to another character when i touch a certain object.

what i did is placing the other character in the level and used it as a reference then made my main character switch to it when i touch the object , which is not what i want because i dont want the other character to be in the level from the beggining. i only want it to replace my main character when i touch an object (trigger box)

hope its simple

The node that you’re looking for may be: ‘Spawn actor from class’. You can simply spawn this other character from the touch event, and then possess it with the Player Controller.

It’s hard to tell without seeing what code you currently have though.

thank you i got it to work some how

but now the problem is when ever i touch that object again it spawns the other character again and the level would have many copied characters

i want the trigger box (object i touched) to stop functioning after the first touch

Plus i want my main character to disappear from the level after being changed

i kept missing with the blueprints and got it to work!

for disappearing i made the main character disappears by hidden in game but it still have a collision even though its hidden ???

nvm solved

You can also destroy the old character. I’m not sure if you want to come back to the old character at a later point in your game, but spawning a bunch of hidden characters and keeping them there will eventually degrade your games performance.

This may be helpful to you:

In particular the ‘destroy’ node shown at the end of that document.