Trying to do a grenade bounce just with traces.

So, I have the grenades flow in a simple arc as though they are effected by gravity. But how do I make grenades bounce in the correct direction when they hit something?

Is there a simple way to do this?

In projectile settings check can bounce and play with the settings

These are only with line traces. So in effect I have to simulate bouncing through vector math that is honestly a little over my head.

I can get the vector normal from the surface that was collided with. then something something calculate previous trajectory something something find new logical vector.

O i see… Yeah thats a little more complicated because your object\ grenade may not be perfectly spherical. Not exactly sure what kind of math you’ll have to do.

This last thing is tough for me too as its literally the last thing I need to have in place for grenade projectiles in Quake Template.

Basically I need to set the actor location of the projectile to the location and rotation of the bounce.

If anyone has info it will greatly speed up the release of Quake Template.

Is this what your after?

The formula i used to determine the bounce was this:

(-2 * (InputVelocity DOT HitNormal) * HitNormal + InputVelocity)

I think the only difference is that I am not drawing another trace right after but I am rather positioning the projectile so that it is facing in the direction that the next trace will need to go.

Ill give this a shot again in a bit.