Trying to destroy static mesh actor using another static mesh object (sphere) but having no success.

I am new to Unreal and playing around with creating simple events/component events.

I want to kick this static mesh sphere into the object and destroy the object upon impact.

I set this up and it works when I cast to third person character. But when I switch it out to the BP_ball, nada.

This is the BP_ball for that sphere i want to use to destroy the object.

Is my problem the collision properties of the sphere?

Thanks for any advice.

Have you attempted to follow the execution with a breakpoint? (right click on any node in the execution and toggle a breakpoint) This could help you identify if it is in fact a collision issue.

Thanks for the reference. My first time using a break point. What a great resource.

it’s definitely the ball. And it works fine with the “cast to character”.

any ideas?

I tried adding a capsule to my sphere static mesh. Still no luck.

In the ball blueprint, select the sphere and enable “Simulation Generates Hit Events” in the Collision section

I already had this ticked. It’s not the problem.

It needs to be enabled on the component that simulates physics. From the above screenshot I would assume the BallMesh is the one simulating physics. Is it enabled on BallMesh?

yes it is. It also works if i cast to the first person gun projectile,