Trying to design a jumping AI: determine if an AI is using a NavLinkProxy?

Does anyone know of a way to determine if an AI is presently navigating across a NavLinkProxy-specified path? I’d like to run a jumping check (using trajectory-calculating math to determine if the actor will make it to the desired endpoint or whether he needs to be launched to it) but can’t find a way to determine this.

Hacking around it by placing trigger volumes over top of it are not an option; I need the AI to be able to walk THROUGH the NavLinkProxy if his path doesn’t cross it (suppose he needs to walk past a place where he can jump up to a higher path if his target is below that on the lower path), and only report if he’s actually USING it (attempting to traverse the space it tells him is traversable).

I know that SmartLinks have an event, if you derive a new class from the NavLinkProxy, which reports that the SmartLink is in use, who is using it, and where they are using it to travel to (Event Receive Smart Link Reached) and this would be perfect… but this never fires, no matter what. So it’s not really helpful to me here.