Trying to decide on a logo..which one do you like best?

The project is a Medieval VR experience and we narrowed down the logos to 12……which one do you like the best?

I think 12 is the best. Seems more efficient, and the spots around it aren’t as distracting as the others.

I would go with 5 and perhaps remove some smaller details and/or make some smaller details bigger as they won’t read well when you want to use a small version of the logo.
Some of the details are already getting jagged and hard to read before you enlarge it in imgur and that will only get worse when it gets smaller.
The reason I’d go with the horizontal design is simply because it will be significantly easier to place than a vertical one, but many companies have two versions for use in different situations. In that case I’d go with 5 and 8 and change some details.

I would take 1, 5 or 9, since it doesn’t make sense that the arrow is sealed. I would keep the seal and the arrow away from each other, like in the three options I named. I guess that’s my only argument. :smiley:

I liked number 9 the best.then 1 and 5,although they looked a bit like a .com logo.

Yea, you’re right. The big wax drop directly after “Yore” looks like a dot. Would be cool if your domain would be Yore.vr

Thanks for all the votes guys…we’re still tallying and will bring it back to the community in color, with textures when it’s a bit more polished!

I think 12 is the best.

Best splatter pattern with the nice arrow that is pointed into the ‘E’.

That little nuance of the arrow becoming the ‘E’ is really nice! :smiley:

Being a world renowned expert on corporate image and branding, I’d say that 2/6/10 are vastly superior to the others.
The minor differences between them don’t matter; pick any one. (For T-shirts, larger areas/splats hold up better than small dust, so there is that.)
(Disclaimer: Not actually an expert)

For me it’s 4, because come to think of it arrow goes into that circle and blood splash out of it below, and when it comes up the blood then again spills out. Or make it something like blood, if it contains any :slight_smile:

id say 4, 8 or 12
That is a good style compared to the others

I like 8. Nice logos though.

I like 5 and 7.

I want plain and simple. Go for 11! :slight_smile:

@YoreVR did you already decide on a logo? Which one did you pick? :smiley:

Hey @ScnitzelDude thanks for asking :slight_smile: We did! Here’s the horizontal and vertical B & W. I feel like its as close to an amalgamation of everyone’s top picks as we could get it. Also, for any folks interested in following along with the progress of the game, this link will take you to a bunch of other links to check out: Thanks for everyone’s feedback and thoughts : )