Trying to create my first FPS game

I created a large building in a blank Blueprints project. I am having more trouble than I expected adding a FPS character; I thought it would be mostly drag and drop since there’s already a premade character in the FPS template. Is the default character in the FPS template available in the Starter Content for blank projects? Unreal gives you all those props and materials in the Starter Content, I thought character types would be available too. Is there no way to take advantage of the FPS character from the template in my blank project?

Would it be better to create a new FPS template, delete the arena, and rebuild my building from scratch? It’s over 400 cubes and I don’t want to just throw that work away needlessly. I read you can migrate assets from the Content Browser, but can you migrate object instances from the World Outliner to a different project?

I have no clue which way to go, any help will be appreciated.


Don’t worry you don’t need to throw away what you’ve done so far:
Just create a new project choosing the FPS template.
Once open you’ll want to migrate the character Blueprint and all it’s dependencies from this new project to your project’s content.
You can find that character BP into the content browser (probably into your “Blueprint” folder and it’s dependencies are on the “character” folder)
After that you’ll probably need to set up your inputs (Axis and Action Mappings) to reflect just exactly how they are set up in the FPS template project you’ve just created.
So just go to Edit/Project Settings/ under the Engine Category you’ll find the Input option. Click on it and take a look/note of all the names and values under Action Mappings and Axis Mappings.
Then go to your project; go to Edit/Project Settings/ under the Engine Category, fin the Input option and recreate with the exact names what you saw on the FPS template project.
With that done you should be good to go.
You now just need to change your Default Pawn Class to your newly migrated Character Blueprint into your GameMode Blueprint. You can do this in different ways. the fastest i can think of is going to Edit/Project Settings/Project/Map&Modes and there under Default GameMode select your new Character BP in the Default Pawn Class option.
And that’s all i think :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t why I was only thinking in terms of migrating assets out of my blank project and not in, as you suggested. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much!

I think now with 4.7 it should also possible to add such content with the import button -> dont know the exact name of it, just choose one of the settings. There you should be abel to choose the starter content and probably also the templates. :slight_smile:

Otherwise use the steps from Megiod or this video: