Trying to create interior for an existing house model in Blender

I purchased the top down city asset from the market, and the houses in that asset are all exterior, no interior.
So, I’ve decided to create it myself. I exported a house and opened it in Blender, removed the faces of the model where the door is supposed to be, and then I basically started covering the interior with planes (from the Add menu in Blender).
Anyway, this seems to do the trick but it’s extremely tedious work, so I since I’m completely new to both Unreal and Blender, I would like to see what others would do if they faced the same task. Am I doing it correctly? Is there a better,more proper way?


Hi, I noticed this site yesterday, has tons of interior and exterior assets all free. Appears to be good quality and are in 3DS file types. Items to fill out your interiors if you need them.

If I had the money to buy a 3DSMax license, I could have spent it on buying these sort of assets. :frowning: has interior too.

Well, my question is not about making some complex interior. All I really want to know is how to create interior walls, as opposed to the model just having exterior, and when you stand inside of it, you can just see through it.
I tried the method I mentioned above, and I also tried to create an exact copy of all the faces in blender and insert them. Also works. I just wonder how somebody else would go about doing it?

Hmmm, if you want to model the interior do this. ( Notice i work with Blender since last week, so new too)

Go to the wall, open it up and focus on the vertices, but for opening everything works. Then use wire frame view and the pivot point to navigate around. set the grid size and metric (0.01), and orientation to Y (Unreal values). Build the inside wall opposite to the exterior. Use vertices to connect the interior wall, then always connect 4 vertices (or edges) to make a face. DO not use 5 sides (i read taht this is bad). If you use only 2 sides to connect faces, you might get into problems later in Unreal. With wire frame you always have a good view on the matrix/ what you model.

If you get used to this, than you can do everything.

Alternatively you could remove existing content (select with B and then select area for removal, in edit mode), entirely and start with extruding the existing wall, then build from there. But depends on the model i guess.

Sorry misinterpreted your question. There is several approaches, I prefer box modeling (old school), where you extrude faces in or out. This produces the cleanest geometry, no intersecting, no open edges, very easy UV unwrapping, etc. Need more faces to get finer detail, subdivide the select faces, extrude or angle extrude. Learning this also helps immensely, with character modeling, because it produces quads and “loops” around joints. Might be tedious to start out but becomes very easy once the fundamentals are learned. (side note: try to stay away from Booleans, very messy geometry)

I just recently completed modeling an elaborate Victorian house, originally someone else’s created asset, but as I looked their model over I decided to use it as a blueprint and totally redo it. End result, no open geometry, clean UVs and a reduction of polys from 105k to 43k (more than half) losing no detail what so ever. I then made polygroups of the major components, with sub object components, which helps when I pull it into Substance painter (helps with focusing on one object and masking).

I work in Max, but those principles work in any modeling package. Learning curve, but in the end, clean geometry will save you lots of heartache in the end. Another approach is removing faces and welding the verts of combined geometry, again no intersections and clean geometry. Optimizing in this manner will produce less calls to the engine. I went to school for Max 15 years ago, so my way might not be the latest, but it works. Hope I helped in some way.

Hey LordNorthern!
First of all, if you want to create interiors for Top Down City then definitely check out

screenshots to understand what exactly you want to create.
I don’t have Top down city, but as far as I can tell, you can simply export house asset(if it is not against the rules of using this asset) as fbx and import into Blender.
Then you simply move beams, walls etc to make interior wall and remove other building assets.

Yeeees, he just did that, but everybody in this thread is misunderstanding him :slight_smile:

His problem is that he managed to put up planes to avoid invisible walls, now he wants to know our way of making an interior inside a house model.

Oh, my bad =(
Thread of infinite guilt!

If I were you(OP, not Unit23 :D) I would consider making modular pieces that work for exterior AND interior and build your houses like real ones. You can just mirror exterior walls and then merge overlapping vertices. I don’t know how to do this in Blender though

Alright, I’ll look into it then.