Trying to create cooldown animation for an ability from a progress bar in widget

I have a speed boost ability that basically when inputted has a delay of 8 seconds while the boost itself lasts for 6. I would like to show the player the cooldown before they can use the ability again but I don"t know how to do that. If anybody could help explain what to do that would be greatly appreciated

I made this video on how to make a stylized Healthbar. Perhaps you can learn something from that to achieve what you seek.

If you want a smooth progress bar, you will need to add frame delta seconds every tick until the added amount reaches the cooldown limit. At that point, you would simply bind the progress bar to read the value of the delta seconds added up (i.e. CooldownTimer), and the cooldown limit (i.e. Cooldown) using a divide node. CooldownTimer/Cooldown, clamped to a range of 0 to Cooldown. When the cooldown is not active, determined using a boolean value (i.e. bIsCooldownActive), you can simply tell the binding to ignore the percentage and remain at 0. During this time, I would advise you to have the progress bar set to hidden as well.