Trying to create Basic Enemy AI


So I am trying to get an AI character to simply move between two points(eventually meant to be along a platform). Currently, when the level is played the AI will move, but it is very jumpy and wrong and I do not know how to fix it. This is my first time working with models with animations and certainly my first time working with AI. I have watched multiple tutorials, and read through many other posts, and have not had any luck with this. Attatched are images of anything I believe may be needed to try help me debug this issue. Note I did not create these models nore the animations, I am mearly trying to get an animated model in to use temporarily so I can code the AI until the guy making models for the game gets the actual models done.

*Information I believe wil be useful in understanding the code:
In the behavior tree, there is a task called “Find Random Location” :
Find random location has two vector variables that are set to the location the AI character starts at and the other one is set to an arbitrary point further into the map. (It is a side scroller so only the Y value changed.) The task checks to see if the character is at the begin point and if it is then set the location key in the blackboard to the end location. if it does not equal the begin location set the blackboard location key to the begin location.

The 2nd zip has a video of what is happening in it.


I can’t convince well… because I can’t see two variables ‘Begin Location’ and ‘End Location’.
But I guess it is looping.

It is caused from various ways.
Please check like below.

  1. In Move To task, put the “finish execute” node and check ‘success(you can see red boolean box)’ in that.
    → If it makes stop the zombie, ‘Move to Task’ is not returning success. Because ‘Move to Task’ is included ‘Sequence’, If not returning success, It will be stuck.

  2. Check the approaching radius. Sometimes if the radius is too short, the enemy can’t judge their success.

  3. Check the Vector variables, If you are refreshing these values so frequently now. It can make confuse the zombie.