Trying to create a smooth planet static mesh from the BSP sphere

I’m trying to make a smooth planet object that I can map the NASA maps to. The default primitive static mesh for the sphere isn’t smooth enough and the BSP sphere generates a weird tessellation of my material where every face gets the material applied to it.

I’ve read Geometry Brush Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation but there’s no further help in the docs beyond the description “Create Static Mesh”.

Unfortunately I can’t tame the UVs in the Static Mesh Editor. There’s apparently a menu option missing in “Window” to rewrap the UVs on my macOS.

Does anyone know how to make a smooth sphere in Unreal Engine?

the editor sphere in the engine content is higher poly compared to the default sphere. you have to click ‘view options’ > ‘show engine content’ to find it.
otherwise I’d just use blender, if you want to make games you’ll need to learn it sooner or later anyway.

At 2,333 verts the EditorSphere is definitely a lot smoother than the 559 vert primitive static mesh but not quite as smooth as the 6,144 verts on the converted tessellation 5 BSP sphere. I’m going to learn Blender when I’m ready to dig into the geometry but for now I just want to create a satisfying planet to inspire the team using the tools in the editor. In the meantime this secret sphere works, so thank you!

I still can’t figure out how to use the Create Static Mesh feature without creating a severely tessellated sphere that can’t hold a texture so this question is still unresolved.