Trying to create a simple AI robot.

I want to create a opponent that randomly moves in directions but always gets back to the starting location after a time.
When it sees the player it should start following him.
If the player is out of the view range it stops for a few secs and then returns to start.

So problems start with the “onview” “playerseen” event, it just never stops doing thing after that.

Im new to unreal AI and i only have have learned how to move an Actor and how to create Navs.

Can someone provide me some starting help for that? :3

If you could make a box around the starting point and choose a random point in that box that the character moves too and after getting to the point choosing a new one.
Maybe choose randomly if the new point is the starting point.

There is a follow Player function that could be triggered when the AI detects the player. I forgot how the blueprint function was called…