Trying to create a material instance in Blueprints - but 'Create Dynamic Material Instance' has changed?

Hello, I am new to Unreal Blueprints and have been tripped up by stumbling across nodes that appear different compared to online tutorials. For instance, in tutorials I am following the ‘Create Dynamic Material Instance’ node has a ‘Target’ input, where you are able to ‘apply’ the new instanced material to a static mesh (the reason for this is so I can change a scaler parameter value). However, my node does not have this. The documentation matches my node and therefore shows this has been deprecated?

I then tried to use a ‘Set Material’ node that I had seen in other tutorials; but this appears missing altogether in 4.19?

Any ideas on what the solution for this is? Any tips on dealing with Blueprint node changes like this? This seems quite frustrating to learn if fairly basic things like this have changed. I am also half expecting that I have massively overlooked something fairly basic here…


Ah, thank you! You made me double-check this and you’re right, it was just a simple mistake of not using the context and wire drag. I think because you can create a node with the exact same name by just right-clicking and typing it in I didn’t think to check this. Thank you very much.

if youre not sure what name to type in, make sure your blueprint editor is in context mode on, drag a wire from the mesh component that has the material slots you want to affect, and type “dynamic” and one of the options in there will be the create dynamic material instance node.