Trying to Create a Codex

Hello! I’m working on a series of menu screens for a 2D sidescroller/platformer-type project. I currently have a rudimentary Pause Menu, but something I really want to be able to have is a Codex. So, basically, functionality where you encounter interactable objects in the environment that are positioned as “Notes” or scraps of paper or quotes by other characters, you can read them, close them, but then also access them later through a button on the Pause Menu. (A much simpler version of the inventory system seen in something like Dragon Age or Bioshock).

Scenario 1:
Player finds an interactable object in the environment called “Entry 001”. They activate it, in this case by pressing “E”, and the note pops up as a widget with text that they can read and then close.

Scenario 2:
The player wants to reread “Entry 001”, so they go to the Pause Menu —> Codex —> Entry 001, which they can select from a list of other discovered notes. The ones that haven’t been discovered are greyed out/inactive.

I’ve found good tutorials on the UI system, and like I said, I have a pause menu with “Resume” and “Quit” options, but I’m more of a designer and I’m having a hard time rearranging that information into something that works for the Codex I want. I’m thinking of using Widget Switcher to cut down on moving parts, but is there a way to make individual tabs inactive/then active? Any help would be appreciated!

PS: This is my first time posting to the Unreal community and I am actually crossposting this question from the forums. I hope that is okay? I’m on quite the time crunch so I apologize for any breach in etiquette/if I’m misusing any terminology.

Create separate panels for each individual tab / in the widget graph set visibility to hide or unhide the panel you would like to show.