Trying to create 3D model of van

I am trying to create 3D model of a van for a driving game that I’m creating. I am not a good artist.

My city and my van are blocky. I can’t create better 3D models of city and van.

I want my van to look like the one in this image.

I’m almost 59 years old. How can I better 3D models of city and van? I don’t want to pay for better 3D models of city and van. I have AutoCAD and 3DS .

Hi! I would go the route of box modeling or splines using a reference inside of , where you construct on top of an image. Then mirror, attach vertices and smooth for the end result.
Here’s the approach of making a building using the above ideas. Just adapt these techniques to what you are trying to achieve.


And splines in


It’s a skill you have to develop over a long time. But, we are blessed with the likes of this kind of stuff. Highly recommended:


is correct, that’s a great tut! Using as I suggested Box modeling and splines lol.

This is new tech in Autodesk beta site:


Also make sure to download a car mesh so that you can study it :slight_smile:

On those sites you can find some free meshes:

I’m hearing-impaired so I can’t watch videos that don’t have good closed-captioning (Not Google’s “Automatic Captioning”). I downloaded 3D model of Ford van at 3DS Models at ://www.3dmaxmodels/product/free-public-van-3d-model/ and it didn’t have good enough interior. I tried to create a building following the tutorial at ://cgi.tutsplus/tutorials/modeling-from-photographic-reference-in-3dsmax–cg-5327 but there are different dialog boxes in 3DS used in the tutorial and 3DS 2015 that I have on my computer.

I tried my best to create the 3D model of Chevy/GMC van. I started from a box and cut it up into many pieces and moved the vertices around. How can I create the rounded edges of the bumpers?

Turbosmooth modifier in on selected faces. The larger the face, more dynamic, smaller faces less change, but both add geometry. So the combination of extrude/smooth can add more curves and detail, most when doing cars go the spline route, but this works with box modeling. Just remember to keep the face count optimized, smooth mods can get out of control fast.

I would avoid throwing a smooth mod on the complete mesh as it stands now, only selected faces, because you need the other half (not fun connecting rounded edges) and an optimized mesh (low poly) for the final smooth.
Look at your first post and the current image, quite a difference so far. :slight_smile:

PS: I need coffee lol! You can also Bevel/Chamfer the edges instead of smooth mod another way of going about it.