Trying to create 3D grid with For Loops

I’m trying to create a simple 3D grid array like so:

‘Grid Size Z’ is set to 10, and ‘Cube Size’ is 100.

The array works perfectly when “Grid Size XY” is set to 10 or 100. The final index is 109999, and the vector is [X=990, Y=990, Z=100].

But if I set “Grid Size XY” to 1000 the last index reads “249749” and the vector is [X=7490 Y=2490 Z=0].

Have I overlooked something in the way I’ve set things up? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Blueprints have a built in max iteration count. My guess would be that you’ve run into that. The default is 1.000.000 but it’s not per node but per blueprint.

Because it’s such a great explanation let me quote the answerhub:


Swing by and upvote it, if this does solve your issue!

Ah brill, thanks Erasio!