Trying to Copy Virtual Productions assets into new levels

I have an unreal project file that houses my virtual production assets. I have a media plate that is fed by an SDI feed, a background material that is fed by a virtual camera that shows my CG elements and both of those are housed within a comp. I want to be able to copy these assets into any other level so that I can quickly setup to record.

Currently if I download a project file from the marketplace I have to manually re create all these assets project by project. Is there a good way to bundle up and transfer, migrate or copy my assets to speed up workflow?

(my screenshot shows my project file as well as my comp which is showing a spray paint can in front of my green screen as well as a cube to show the CG.)

Have you tried using “migrate” in the content browser? This works for me, though you must make sure any plugins your assets depend on are enabled in the destination project. What I’ve been doing is I have a minimal working VP template project, I make a copy of this and then migrate marketplace assets INTO that. See tutorials on my channel here.