Trying to convert unity FBX animations into Unreal

I have looked at tutorials and just am having zero luck. It feels like I am missing something very obvious, but even when I import a different unity model and try to transfer animations that way it seems like its just not working correctly. When I go to xfer the animation the original model just doesnt show up. It’s pretty frustrating because I need a few of the animations in order to fully transfer my game over from unity to unreal.

I sort of got it to work, I’m still really new to Unreal, I never really tried to use it much so there is probably a better way that I don’t know about but what I did was take a FBX file with animation clips baked into it and just dragged it into a new folder, when Prompted I left everything as is, but had to tick import animations, one problem is that it doesnt recognize the clips as individual clips but one giant clip so it will take a lot of frame editing to get some good looping clips this way, like I said, I am new and hopefully there is a better way I don’t know about.

As for individual anim files, I haven’t gotten that to work but I haven’t messed with it much either.
Good luck and hope that helps get you started at least. Hopefully someone who is better with Unreal and knows more about this can go over this better for you because I’m just trying to figure it out same as you.