Trying to convert MCO Mocap basics animations to Metahumans

I’m trying to use the MCO basic animations that are free on a metahuman I’ve created.

I’ve followed the unreal tutorial that maps something from the normal character to a metahuman successfully but the only animation I can map is the basic jog from the 3rd person starter pack, even though I have the entire mco animation library in my project.

I don’t think the animations don’t show up because they are tied to the IK mannequin that came with the mco animations, and not the mannequin that the metahuman port is done with.

I don’t see an easy way of reassigning the animations to the same rig that the ue4 to metahuman is using.

How can I resolve this?

Epic provides you with IKrig and IKretargeter to convert animations from UE4 to UE5 skeleton. Use that first to transfer all of the animations to UE5 skeleton. UE5 skeleton is very similar (if not the same) as metahumans. Tell me once you manage to get the animations working on UE5 skeleton, and I’ll tell you what to do next

OK, theyre all ue5 skeletons

Now this video will help you set it up easily (MetaHuman ThirdPerson - In UnrealEngine 5 - YouTube)

Does this work with sequencer? I’m not trying to have the character mapped to the third person, but to be able to use it with sequencer and manual edit some of the animations and string them together in my own way not tied to a character controller.

Oh than no, but again when you import a metahuman into your project then if I remember correctly it comes with the IK Retargeter from UE5 skeleton to your metahuman skeleton. Am I right? So you just do the same thing that you’ve done with UE4 to UE5 skeleton.

This only works on the singular running animation that comes with the 3rd person controller.

The other animations do not show up for some reason.

I believe it’s because they reference a separate instance of an identical IK rig, that was imported with the basic mocap animations.

I just tried it and everything works fine for me

In my editor it’s grayed out and I’m unable to edit that - do you know a way to fix that?

Can you share screenshots?

Did you open the retargeter that comes with the metahuman?

I still cannot edit the source IK rig asset from that rtg either. Im wondering if there’s some files that need to writeable instead of read only.

Idk I created a blank project, imported the exact same animations, random metahuman and got it working.

But if it wants the UE4 skeleton so much, you can go to the animations and assign the UE4 skeleton provided by Epic not by the seller (it is the same, just different references).

Select all of the animations, right click and choose “Replace Skeleton”… then choose this one that comes by default.

After that, the animations should show in the retargeter

alright I’m just going to delete everything and try again, I am working in a larger project so maybe something got screwed up. Thank you for the help!

Yea, just forget about the step that I showed you earlier… You do not need to retarget it from UE4 to UE5 skeleton. Just Replace Skeleton for all of the animations from the UE4 mannequin that comes with the animations to the UE4 mannequin that is default by Epic (I showed you how in a post above).

Then open the RTG_metahuman and this is how the setup is supposed to look like (I only have a few animations from the pack there, since I replaced the skeleton for just a few of them)

Everything must work for you then