Trying to contat Enterprise Licensing since weeks, no answer!

Dear Unreal Team,

since 5 Weeks i am trying to get a response from the Enterprise Licencing Team, via the website form here.

4 times i tried and i did not hear back!

We are evaluating UE for being our engine of choice for a range of enterprise products.
We need a bulletproof understanding of our options regarding the usage of our sold product BY our clients. We can not extend any royalties to our clients, but surely are ready to pay our part of our gross revenue.
Is there any way that i can talk to a person about this? Sometimes Licensing Issues are not b/w and maybe we change our approach and business model based on the options available.


skype: .

Hi ,

I am so very sorry about the lack of response from us. Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service and it seems we didn’t do that here.

Please email me directly at I will see to it that your questions are addressed.



Thanks a lot Jay.

This morning (coincidence or not) i heard back from Simon Jones who forwarded me to Ben Lumsden. I hope i get everything sorted out now.
We would be very happy to be a UNREAL company soon :slight_smile: