Trying to change the InputMode := ui_input_mode.None


I am tying to create an interactable Canvas that can appear and disappear with 0 delay

I am saving already the Canvas in a map and I use it every time I need it. The delay is pretty low, but I need it to be 0

set AllAgentsCanvasUI[Agent] = option{Canvas}

The only way that I found to get a perfect delay is using the functions Canvas.SetVisibility(widget_visibility.Collapsed) / Canvas.SetVisibility(widget_visibility.Visible) the problem is, you can not change player_ui_slot{InputMode := ui_input_mode.None}) (?) once you created the canvas

Here @Warkingi suggested using a “Dummy” Canvas that allow you to do this, but you can not interact in the desired Canvas

Does anyone else find Verse UI really slow? - #8 by davidpkami

I am a bit anxious trying to solve this issue. Is it possible to change InputMode := ui_input_mode.None once you create the Canvas?

Hi, I’m having the same issues, did you find a solution for this? thanks

Yes, doing any modification on a widget (.SetDesiredSize(), .SetOpacity(), .SetColor() etc…) right after adding/removing the widget, it will completely eliminates the delay.