Trying to call functions on a game hosted on a remote server

Hello every one, so I am facing a problem here…

I have my game hosted on a server and I need some way set data to it, mostly calling by some functions in the project. And this I have to remotely through a webpage(Not another ue4 project).

Any idea how something like this can be achieved?

You could always set up a RESTful service that uses regular HTTP calls as RPCs sent from your client application. Is the data you want set stored in a database or are you planning on sending commands to the UE4 server during it’s runtime?

I am currently trying with the VaRest plugin.

The data needs to be sent from a web browser to a game hosted on the server during its runtime.

Well, you could have the game server open up an HTTP server endpoint. OR (my personal favorite) you could set up a message hub - like RabbitMQ - server and have the game server connect to that. Then have a small separate HTTP server that takes web requests for the purpose of publishing messages to the message hub to issue commands to the game server. This may cause some more work… but helps separate responsibilities in a clean manner.