Trying to build Rama's tutorial for Socket communication between Unreal instances. FAILED.

Hi guys,
I am trying to follow this Rama’s tutorial.
And i completely failed. I understand that this tutorial is not made for beginners, thus a lot of things are not explained, and without knowing them you will never get this working.
I tried to build this one because i have some experience in programming like C# , MaxScript, Python , but here i feel myself completely lost. Errors are just incoming in an incredible amount !
It took me couple of hours to resolve why VS could not find “Networking.h” , until i manually added those headers to directory list.
Now i have this error : shot_160620_221703.png , and i’ve found this hint on how to resolve it, but it does not help , leading to even more errors.
I wanted to ask if there is anyone who actually reproduced and succesfully built this tutorial ? Is there a possibility to share this built project ? At least i will learn about where i was wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Did you create C++ class in VisualStudio? classes inherited from UObject should be created in UE4Editor.

Thanks for your reply,
after a lot of time spent trying to build this tutorial i came to another plugin - OSC , wich works just perfect and has exactly what i need, so i think problem is somewhat solved :slight_smile:

I realize you say you’ve solved it by just not using it. But others seem to have this problem as well, i never did for this instance of code but i don’t copy pasta, i just retype it.

Well, what you’re seeing is an intellisense error and has nothing to do with the compile. If you full rebuild it goes away because that is an intellisense error, and can only go away if the project’s intellisense db is rebuilt. Also, you said it could not find Networking.h, that’s because you did not include the networking module in your build.cs, if you did, and it doesn’t find networking then your setup is borked, and you should think about reinstalling VS and UE fresh in that order.

Today I added Rama’s UDP code to my 4.13 unreal project and wanted to share my solutions to a few problems that might need clarification:

Create the C++ classes in your unreal editor. You will need AnyCustomData, RamaUDPReceiver and RamaUDPSender as empty C++ classes

Then open visual studio

In your game_name.Build.cs look add the extra dependencies. They should be in the same area as PrivateDependencyModuleNames. Just drop them at the bottom of that section before the }). and you should be fine

The custom data goes into AnyCustomData.h (delete anything else there)
Copy and paste the rest of the code into the respective files
In RamaUDPSender.cpp find bool ARamaUDPSender::StartUDPSender and add bool UDP to the list of variables after const int32 ThePort.
Also, at the top of RamaUDPSender.cpp add #include “AnyCustomData.h” after #include “RamaUDPSender.h”

Save, close visual studio and unreal engine completely, open the visual studio file and build the project.

Hope this helps anyone else