Trying to build map but game keeps crashing

Hi, Ive posted this problem to the answerhub but from previous experience with not getting and help on there, I thought id add it here because its a problem that has really been plaguing my team and I…

Ive been having huge issues for the last few days with my game crashing and causing all kinds of stacks. Today it got worse…

For days we have been riddled with really unhelpful stacks and I cant seem to find any form of crash log.

Its only been happening for the last few days and with our beta testing coming up, we are under a lot of pressure to figure out the problem. The only things we have done since the crashes first started was building our map.

We have been doing this for over 6 months before these bugs started to occur

For ref Engine is 4.3.1.

Ive tried reinstalling the engine, updating to 4.3.1, redownloading our game from the SVN, loading seperate autosaves (which fixed an equally unhelpful call stack…Attempted to save a bogus object) or (Fatal Error)

Me and my team are at block as to what could possibly be causing the issue.

ANY help would be gratefully appreciated.

Could you probably post the log file? :slight_smile:

Hi ,

It has taken me a while to find the log file and get the game to crash. We have fixed a few bugs but this is still a occurrence.

We thought it could be the incompatible BP warning but it seems that the error occurs quite a lot before it crashes so it couldnt be that.

Here is the crash log file code: ://pastebin/vQ3V3k8J

Hi Jon,

Can you post this to the AnswerHub in the **Bug report **section? Then can you post the AnswerHub question link here as well?

Crashes are better served being posted there since they can be assigned to one of our support staff along with tracking progress on the situation.

Thank you!

Hi ,

Ive also placed a thread in the answerhub section but since I have done this before with no answers to my questions I thought id try my luck here as well.

It seems that we have fixed the bugs for now. It was a problem with a Material Dynamic Instance on our creatures in our game. It just wasnt creating a stack that helped us pinpoint the problem so it was pretty much just trail and error.

Thanks for your quick replies and help.

Ill close my thread on the answerhub as well :wink: