Trying to Build a Sliding Glass Door as a Class BP


First of all, thanks for the informative and easy-to-follow UE4 introduction videos on Youtube. Much helpful for a noob like me.

I’ve watched Leveling and Blueprinting Introductions, and tried to make a glass door that

  1. Slides open when you reach the trigger box and press ‘F’
  2. Closes when you leave the trigger box.

So it’s like a combination of what I’ve learned through the introduction videos.
I gave a shot to make this work as a Class BP, but I’m having a problem.

  1. Opening the glass door by pressing keyboard ‘F’ works just fine
  2. But as it slides open, but it also slides back to where it was automatically.
  3. My idea was that when the player ends overlap, it would disable input and reverse-play the animation.

Attached is the Class BP that I set up.
Looking for someones help :slight_smile:

There’s an error in your code? Try something with “do once” in begin and and overlap. Also, try to do print string after the begin and end overlap to see what’s going on.

[USER=“670914”]Jean Rangel[/USER],

Jean, thanks for the comment.

I added <do once> modules, and the result was:

  1. The door slides open once as you intended. It works fine.
  2. But, the door does not slide back even if you leave the trigger box.

Attached is the screenshot of modified Class BP.
Again, thanks for the help