Trying to blueprint a controllable clock

I’m building a game that relies on the passage of time to feed values back into important variables.

I need this clock to be controllable. Stopping the clock stops all the systems requiring time to run. Accelerating the clock also accelerates those systems.

Does somebody know about controlling those datetime/timespan nodes for this purpose?

The way I did so, was just to make my own clock using delays and hookers.

Joke aside, I used a tick which goes into a one second delay which I can adjust since I’ve hooked it up to a variable. Then it goes into a branch which toggles the clock off and on. Then I simply take a variable called seconds and add 1 each second. And every second I compare that with 59, and when it is 59 I add 1 to the minute variable and subtract 59 from seconds, but it wont get updated until next second so you would then see 1:00. And there are some text formatting involved.