Trying to add sound when my "boulder BP" hit the ground

Hello everyone,

In my level i have a trigger box.
When i overlap the trigger box, it call an **event **to my “Boulder_BP” who is also somewhere in my level.

My “Boulder_BP” event do the following : enable simulate physics to my static mesh (a boulder), and then when the mesh fall to the ground (who is another mesh), i try to trigger a sound

My **problem **now, is that "On Component Hit" don’t work when the mesh (a boulder) hit the ground, but it work when the player hit the mesh.

FYI : I have a collision preset on the two mesh, and collision presets are set to “blockall” for both.

Thanks a lot for help !

First try without activating physic at gameplay. Open your mesh and :

  • check if your mesh got a collision structure, try add a box simplified collision.
  • Set Collision/collision complexity to “simple and complex” just to be sure.
    If it work for your player that should work for your mesh. Also if your player is far from your boulder maybe the sound is lower (never yet work on sound).

Thank you @ElFab for your answer, owever i’ve already tried this (and second time now, just in case) but it doesn’t work…i’ve tried to hit the mesh into a landscape, but it don’t work neither. :s

Can you show us an exemple to reproduce your problem? Because for me if i do all of that it always work. Or do you have something particular (like mesh is in child actor or something else)? Are you sure you can hear the played sound? Sorry i must leave for today. Happy Christmas all.

Hello ElFab, Merry Christmas for all too :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer, please take your time.

I’ve created another project (the one with the UE4 yellow chairs), and it don’t work with me too…and i’ve also made a video to let you see maybe what i’ve done wrong. :slight_smile:
PS : The BP is already with physics enabled without trigger needed to be pulled on, but it’s the same problem so