Trying to add a new assault rifle keep getting this error on launch

Wondering how to make it so i can shoot my custom assault rifle under water checked use while swimming but still cant use

For future reference this forum uses bbcode so you can use the img tags.

Anyway, you do not mention how you’ve gone about it. You’ve got your level file linking your PrimalGameData and the PGD linking the TestGameMode and all in your mod folder?

You’ve copied the Engram, PrimalItem and WeapRifle to your mod folder and relinked those to each other correctly, modified whatever you needed to?

The Engram is linked in the Additional Engram Blueprint Classes array in your PrimalGameData?

Barring all that and nothing done incorrectly, verify the DevKit and try cooking/uploading again, otherwise after verifying rebuild your mod from scratch.

Else, reply with a run-down of the steps you took and what you’ve done here so someone can point out a flaw in your process - if one exists.


I just had this error tonight as well and simply recooked the mod to fix it.

Got it working but have a new issue =/