Trying to activate a post process when pawn is touching it and deactivating it when is not

So I have a river where the character has a post process under water and no post process when out of water. For that I have created a trigger in and out of water. For the trigger under water I did :

But it doesn’t work. Any suggestions on how I do it?

what about using a post process volume? by default it’s configured to behave like what you want: Activate when entering on it and deactivating when exiting.

I cannot, as it’s an endless runner and the post process must be underwater and needs to be turned off when outside water.

Yep so you just place the post process volume inside the water and when they enter the water/ post process volume it will turn on, and when they leave it, it will turn off. You are taking something very simple and trying to make it more complicated.

Yeah thanks, I tend do complicate a lot sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: