Trying to activate a blueprint via another blueprint

I’m making a pop-up menu that’s supposed to be activated by a box collider.

The menu itself is a blueprint with a scene capture camera, some 2d shapes and some text renders. Then I just use a plane with the render target texture for the pop-up menu.
I can make the plane appear and disappear but I can’t make it play the animation every time I activate the event.

I created a blueprint with an object (a chair), the render target plane and a box collider. Here on the event graph I did the following:

On the menu blueprint I created some animations involving the matinee and a CurveFloat:

This is on the same blueprint:

So the problem is, I have no idea how to make the OnComponentBeginOverlap (collider) (first blueprint) to trigger the Event Begin Play and Event Tick (second blueprint). I tried using a variable referencing the blueprint but I didn’t know what to do with it.

In the 2nd Blueprint make a custom event like DoPopup and call that from the first one.

How do I do that? I tried creating a custom event but it doesn’t appear on the other blueprint.

You have to get a reference to it, one of these options will do :slight_smile:

So, I tried doing that but it’s not working.

Here’s the first blueprint:

And the second one:

how you references the blueprint? draging in the editor?

The blueprint is referenced as a variable

do you have both instances in the level? and you drag one inthe other?

Yes both instances are in the level. I can drag one in the other but that doesn’t help with what I’m trying to acheive