Trying but not working out very well.

So I have been trying for over a month to figure out how to do some things in Unreal, but its not working out for me.
To put it simply, I need some help.

I sadly have a brain injury that makes a lot of this harder to do, but I want to do it. I am driven, I am determined and most of all I am STUBBORN when it comes to things like this.

I just want to make, for the moment, the camera for the default character follow in 3rd person. Something like GTA, Witcher or Zelda style. I need it spelled out for me.

does anyone have any detailed videos or text tutorials that will show me how to do this, I’m not asking for anyone to do the work for me, just help to lean it.

Hey there Spy46! Are you saying you want to make a 3rd person camera from scratch or just in general? UE4 has a project template for 3rd person, and there are tutorials on youtube regarding 3rd person cameras that can help you to tweak how it responds (for example, right stick rotating around the character without orienting the character). I don’t remember any specific, but I’ve come across a few in my time playing with the engine. At any rate YouTube is usually a good bet. Good luck! =)

Just in general, as the current camera that i have doesnt follow the character, it stays at the spawn point and I have to use the mouse to turn and move the camera.
I have been watching a few tutorials, but they look like they are going with the idea that someone already knows UE4 to begin with.

I dont see anything to “beginners” sort to speak, its frustrating.

Why not start with a working project and then try working backwards?

I am willing to try anything, would you have one in mind?