Try to Package Plugin

Hello all

Whole week trying to fight with UE4 plugin package system

In MSVS all works fine. In XCode - all works fine.

But pressing Package Plugin - and there are million problems.

For example. UE 4.25. Work in VS2019 - all great. But PackagePlugin ask what need 2017.
Ok, no problem. Setup 2017. All working from VS, but package plugin showing errors again.


What is this??? How we must fix it?
All needed SDKs, UnrealVS, and others was added.

I often precompile external code as static libraries from a separate VS solution just to avoid having to deal with plugin packaging system. Then in my plugin I link to the static library through Build.cs script.

You can actually pop and push macros and headers in your source to avoid conflicts, but I prefer to simply build a external lib and call it done.

Hello BrUnO XaVIeR
Thank you for your answer.

But we wanted to sell our sgCore library UE4 plugin without some static libraries. Plugin include sources of sgCore. Because users don’t like some 3dparty dependencies in plugins.

But UE4 Package systems killing this our wish