Try to figure out how to optimise Animation Graph for hundred skeletal mesh

Hi all,
I’m new here, I try to develop my RTS game, all logics are done, but now it’s time to make it scalable …

All is said inside the tittle but I will explain it here.
As all RTS game, there is a lot of actor inside the screen and so much more outside.

  1. At first I tried 50 units with no success to increase the number of frame up to 10FPS.
  2. After some stat profiling, I found the reason and now I’m at 200 units at 10FPS.

And now i’m facing something that I don’t know how to resolv, all my unit take a least 0.14ms to refesh their AnimGameThreadTime, Even if I cut to the real minimum edge, it doen’t affect so much the frame rate.

So I would like to know how to improve it ?