Try get pawn owner return null

Very inconsistent, but it’s in the animation blueprint.

I have no idea where to start solving this issue, and it is blocking my work. Scary! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Pawn owner? You mean controller? There diffrent varable for that called Controller which keep information which controller posses the Pawn right now and you can get it with “Get Controller”

It work that way because object can be owned by somethign else, yet it can have it own controller, not to mention owner may not change in case of repossession. Owner is usally dedicated to keep information who spawned the object (for example who shot projectile so you know who killed or damage other player), but it can be used for anything really

thanks, but no, I’m talking about the node that comes on the graph in every anim blueprint called ‘try get pawn owner’

This seems to be related to the issue of the preview instance interfering with the game instance. There’s definite weird crossover happening with those two things.