Truncate sound duration?

I have a large library of sound clips, weapons, that are bursts but the duration is to long and I would have to edit each and every one of them to make it useful as a sound Que. Is there a way to clamp a clip to X duration so it loops properly?

The Enveloper Node is your guy for this. It has…

Loop Start - The time in seconds where the envelope’s loop begins.
Loop End - The time in seconds where the envelope’s loop ends.


I’m at work so I can’t test this right now. But, is there anyway to control a cue like that with events? For instance, if I envelope up a loop in the middle of a sound cue, can I have Event Start call the beginning of play, the Event Loop loop the envelope, and Event End break the loop and play the rest of the cue.

Or do I need to break them up into individual cues and call them?

You can manipulate the values in the nodes if you attach the Cue to your blueprint (Add Component).

I’ve just barely started working with the Sound Cue Editor but I am sure you can Trigger a Play/Stop so it isn’t always playing. Either way, you would Trigger Play, Enable Looping on Envelope and then on Event end disable looping to let the clip finish and then stop

Thank you sir your a life saver. :slight_smile:

Humm I might be missing something but the enveloper seems to only control the sound shaping using a curve and not the actual time of start and end. Looks more like a sound shaping tool than a clamp

You can probably adjust the loop settings of the audio clip itself, setting a start and end point, actually there is a duration parameter in the sound mix settings:

Yeah I failed on this one. Is it just dead silence at the end of the clips? Audacity(It’s free) has a “Truncate Silence” feature which you can run on a batch of files

Yeah, I couldn’t get it to do anything useful for editing the sound itself, and I don’t think it’s designed to do that.

I really am a little disappointed with the sound editing and control tools in UE4. They’re nice if you don’t need to edit the raw WAV file and just want to add modifiers, but pretty much useless outside of that.

You may be able to put in a feature suggestion to allow Start Point and End Point editing. Something visually similar to Ableton’s Simpler but attached to the wave node., actually I will make a request now


OK I’ll add it as a feature request. :smiley:

Note that Ableton mentioned above, stores edits to any Samples in an additional Processed folder (so you’re doubling the wav files up) ; you’d probably want in UE4 to destructively trim wavs without getting loads of additional files created, as it’s both taxing and harder to manage. If you are sourcing from a Wav and doing an edit in a SoundCue, it would be possible to be non-destructive, but currently it’s not doable I think. Is it possible in sequencer? You should be able to treat a Wav inside of a Shot as a non-destructive edit by tweaking the shot’s time values, and let it crop the wav’s playback, but I don’t think it looks really easy. However, I’m just starting to play with that, late to the party.

Yep, you can add a .wav in a Shot asset on the default Shots timeline and both the assets can be edited by RMB > Properties ; both have a start and end offset value you can check with the time slider; but these aren’t changes you’d export/overwrite to audio. Sequencer > Render Shot exports to a video file format. Funnily, you cannot render out audio SoundCue dropped into Sequencer’s Audio track. Which seems an oversight??

Is this a bug?
With a SoundCue, in sequencer tracks (Shots or Audio) you can use Ctrl , (trim left of selection using timeslider) or Ctrl . (trim right of selection using timeslider).
But it seems to offset audio from the trim position, not trim to the position.
Using Ctrl / (split at timeslider) then deleting the unwanted side does seem to work just fine ; not sure what I am doing wrong with Trim.