Trump Vs Tencent, Future of Unreal Engine?


As many of us are already aware, Trump is going after foreign revenue sources and apps with sensitivity to security. Since Trump is going after Tencent, whom is a 40% stake holder of Epic Games, how will this affect all the game designers that have put their entire lives into Unreal Engine? Will we be able to continue using Unreal engine? Or do you think it’ll be safe since the majority of Epic Games is USA owned?

This situation has definitely stressed me out. Is this stress justified, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your time!

Edit: Clarification of first sentence.

It’s not affecting Epic at all at this point, and it’s there’s not really much going on with Tencent either

You have nothing to worry about :).

While its gentle probing, there are letters being sent to Epic and questions being asked by lawmakers. But Epic has to be in an enviable situation. There’s probably hundred’s of VC’s that would love to get a piece of Fortnite action (if Epic was forced to return Tencent capital). Does anyone think Epic will go the IPO route anyway now that Unity has?

Wish and hope it not to happen as all public listed companies cares only one thing to please the share holders and get more money from the customers. Then the company will have to function according to the plan of the board of director etc instead of the the idea of the founding father /original visionaries who found the company. (see the case of the co-founder of arm) If it has to happen for need of cash or something, I think that it might not be the best outcome for dev using the engine.

It is the vision and leadership of Mr. Tim Sweeny that has made possible for us to have access to unreal engine. I don’t t want to happen to unreal what happened to Id tech 5 game engine. After their founder John Carmack went away from company, they new management not only closed stopped realeasing source code, but also stopped public’s access to the engine. What if it happens if UE does IPO and go public!

True, but I wonder if its already too late. Consider some of the points here. Most devs have noticed a massive shift from the Epic of old. Personally, I’m interested in working in a truly Open-Source game engine. As 5-10 years from now its hard to say what Epic’s politics will be. Tim may have retired to go hiking. UE tech is great today, but as quickly as the Wiki disappeared things could change.:wink: