Trump Recall, my first tiny robo recall mod

I spent this evening making Trump Recall. It’s a fantastic mod. People tell me “hey mindsoup, that mod is great”. Trust me, folks, it’s tremendous, ok?

Video: Trump Recall - Robo Recall trump mod - YouTube

Download: TrumpRecall.robo - Google Drive

I saw Emomilol1213 made a similar mod, but didn’t provide a download link, so I figured I’d make my own.

lol dude this is funny as xxxx! well done man, how about adding a few more infamous faces that most folks would like to shoot?

Great job

ROFL… Someone actually did it haha

lol, golden age of moder has began…

not sure if this is usable to anyone, but I did a quick sculpt in sculptris of trump. it would need to be retopologized and rigged and all the other things I have no clue how to do, but if you want it I can upload the .obj

Needs more trump based sound effects!


A Small loan of a Million dollars.


I would like to use the same process to insert my boss’s face. Any way you could run us through what you did?

I suggest varying images of his face so they don’t look all the same.

I’d still love to put my bosses face on them, any tips?

Challenge accepted! I can at least retopologize the face and make it rig-ready (eyes, mouthbag, tongue, etc). I haven’t rigged/animated in over a year, but I’ve modeled enough to retopo this head with confidence. I could probably take a stab at texturing it with Substance Painter.