Trump kicks out Reporter. haha!

this was crazy. dont mess with the trump, or he will fire you lol.

Lol… Trump must’ve have been very frustrated with that guy.

He later talked with that reporter. One thing I like about him, is his attitude: to hell with political correctness.

So question - Why does my thread get closed about the transhumanism party (Political) and a thread about trump. A Presidential Candidate at an Political Rally in Iowa get to stay open?

Just curious.

Because I just walked in the office and haven’t had my coffee yet.

You are right and I’m closing this thread. We would prefer that political discussions be kept to other websites. This sub-forum is a place for people to discuss off-topic things, yes, but when people get passionate about their beliefs it can derail the community. Election season is coming to the U.S. soon and I would really like it if this forum could be unaffected by it.

For reference, here is the official rule:

Code of Conduct

[05] Keep discussions on topic! Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to Unreal Engine, Epic Games, or general game development. There are plenty of other places in the vast Internet to discuss your political or social views. Topics related to illegal drug use are also not permitted.

If anyone has any questions, you can PM me directly.