Truly interactive music system. Looking for some feedback for my final master's project

Hi everyone.

I am looking for some feedback on a music system I am working on as part of my final master’s project.

The idea is that in games that uses music that is largely based on expectation (tonal or rhythmic music) could maybe benefit from implementing a more interactive music system than what is common practice today. By that I mean a system where the game engine looks at where the music is, and ensures that certain events happen only when it is musically appropriate (e.g. the first beat of a bar).

In the video below I have an example of the interactive system followed by an example of a reactive music system.
The goal of the game is to unfreeze flowers. In the interactive system, the flower will not unfreeze before the first beat of the bar. There is a ramp up in the music that gives instant feedback to the player to signal that the engine has received their input, but the event is delayed. In the reactive system, the flower unfreezes immediately, but the accompanying ‘unfreeze’ music is slightly delayed to ensure that the structure of the music isn’t interrupted. (I am aware that the ‘ramp’ music in the interactive system is lagging slightly. I’m not sure why that is happening, and I’m working on resolving it).

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on this, and I am particularly interested in knowing whether you think this could be a good solution for games that uses expectation based music, and whether you think it could help improve the player experience (levels of engagement, involvement, satisfactions, presence in the game world). I would also appreciate any ideas as to how the system could be improved.

I made the game in UE 4.12, and the music systems are made in FMOD.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and watch the video.

Again, I would really appreciate any feedback.

Some additional information: Both the environment and character is bought from the marketplace. I plan to make my own environment and character when I continue working on this after the master’s, but didn’t have time for that for the master’s project.

Thank you,