TrueSky and Raytracing(Project wont load)

So I had TrueSky active when I enabled ray tracing. Once I restarted the project it wouldn’t load past 75%. So I looked at the Log file and It said that it couldn’t find VtuneApi.dll and 3 other .dlls. I uninstalled the engine and reinstalled it with out TrueSky and it opened up but I was still missing those .dll files.Then I installed TrueSky and it wouldnt open again. So I’m assuming that TrueSky isn’t compatible with Raytracing or im doing something completely wrong. Any Ideas?

Contacted Simul. They are currently having problems with DX12 and Raytracing which causes the engine to crash. They are looking into it and will soon get it fixed.

Hey bud, this happened to me as well. What I did to fix it is to open my save file for unreal scene in notepad. This allows you to see your addons it will have true sky enabled = true . Change the word true to false and save your file. When you reopen your file truesky wont load and give you the chance to set your direct x to derect x 11 instead of 12. just incase you still want that file a year later lol.

Is the DX12 and Ray Tracing problem still valid? I’m also having trouble using Truesky Plugin with RT enabled.