True Fps Camera Problem

I’m trying to make a true first-person character as seen in battlefield 4, Wolfenstein The New Order, Mirrors edge. I am not using separate meshes for arms and legs but a single third person mesh to animate the character. Everything works but the head-bob problem is driving me nuts. I want to remove the headbob and make it optional for the player by coding it into the camera

See for yourself

any fixes?


Is the camera parented to a socket on that mesh?

Yes and i think i fixed it finally. For all stances pelvis is locked in place (this movement is what messed up the camera) and spine bones are rotated accordingly.

Good news :slight_smile:

Animations will usually be the issue when using the socketed camera approach.
There is a very good thread regarding this problem here: Implementing a True First Person camera - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Good luck!

If you search this forum there are at least 3 different topic in which different solutions and bits/pieces of BP code are provided.

Mr Mazur that’s the first approach I tried to edit the animations. There was still some swaying but no rotation with the process.

The camera is attached to the head socket. This can be reduced from Anim graph of character, you have to add transform modify bone just before output pose.

I am facing same problem while making my game. You can watch this video for full tutorial: “