True for loop

The standard blueprint UE4 for loop has some features missing from it, I fixed this with this simple edit
from this

to this

make sure that the ref variable is passed by reference btw or else it wont work, simply hit the pass by reference button.
Please tell me if someone else found this fix
Oops please forgive me I forgot to plug in the ref to the less than or equal to side of the branch
Oops please forgive me again I forgot in my original edit to plug the ref to the incrementer this time facepaws really hard at own stupidity

I don’t understand why you’d ever want to use the ref, it looks like the loop is just setting the ref value, which IMO is something that you’d generally not want. Oh, you should update your screenshots, it is hard to tell what fixes need to be made.

Not really sure why you’d really need to make this change, but I guess it might help someone out there. I prefer to add checks in the loop itself for blueprint scripting.

Yeah sorry about that, the point of the true for loop is basically to make it more like a C++ For loop where you have a variable you have access to throughout the entire loop. Basically the normal for loop sets the local variable which dies when that scope ends and is impossible to set outside of the loop. This means that if you ever want to change the value of the variable when you do the loop you can’t unless you do something like this. The only real problem that could be created is the need for a variable inside the original function for the for loop.